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The following news have been published today on it is published in Swedish and I have made a translation into English. The first article is called The Assange Case - Chronology.

At 5pm Friday, August 20, the emergency prosecutor in Stockholm decided that Julian Assange should be arrested in his absence, on probable cause for rape and molestation. The prosecutor founded her decision on the information she got by phone from the police, which is standard procedure for the emergency prosecutor. It became clear to the prosecutor that is was a foreign citizen and that he, according to certain information, was preparing to leave the country. One reason for him being arrested in his absence was that there was a risk that he would leave the country before there was a possibility to interrogate him. There was also a risk that he could affect the investigation. The information about the arrest, reached, in a way unknown to the Prosecutor Authority a Swedish newsdesk, the Authority is prohibited to investigate how the news about the arrest order reached the newsdesk. When it became clear to the prosecutor that the newsdesk knew all the details in the case, the prosecutor confirmed that there was such a case concerning Julian Assange.
However, the prosecutor did not give out any information or details in the case. This is very important concerning sexual crimes, as information about involved parties must be protected. This is written in the Law.
When the news was published last Saturday, the emergency prosecutor in Stockholm was overwhelmed. It was evident that the case had to be removed from the emergency prosecutor, so that the emergency prosecutor could peform its ordinary work. Therefore the chief prosecutor Eva Finne was appointed prosecutor.
When Eva Finne had been appointed prosecutor she immediately commenced looking into the case. Around 4.30pm Saturday, September 21 she made the decision to withdraw the arrest of Julian Assange, as she judged that he could not be suspected for rape. The information Eva Finne had access to during last Saturday was more complex than the information that the emergency prosecutor has access to last Friday night.
The information on which Eva Finne based her decision on cannot be official as these records are a part of the ongoing investigations and therefore protected by secrecy.
Normally all emergeny prosecutor cases following a weekend, are distributed to different prosecutors, however, a case can be distributed to a prosecutor during the weekend. Those cases are often serious or high interest crimes as those might block the function of the emergency prosecutor.

Current situation
Eva Finne made the decision last Saturday that Assange can no longer be suspected for rape. She has not however, decided on how to judge what was earlier called rape. She has not made any decisions on the allegation of molesation. The investigation is ongoing and the suspicions against Assange are not withdrawn.    

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