Newzglobe confirms Anna Ardin as one of the women that made the rape allegations against Assange

The web site published an article in Swedish today confirming Anna Ardin as one of the women who accused Assange for rape. Her employer confirms that Anna was involved in the invitation of Assange and that she is now on sick leave. I have translated the article to English, you can find the Swedish article here

The political secretary of the Swedish Christian Socialdemocrats Anna Ardin, invited the founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange a week ago to a seminar. Last weekend Assange was reported for sexual molestation. The person behind the report is Anna Ardin.

"She is on sick leave" the president of the Christian Socialdemocrats, Peter Weiderud tells Newzglobe.

Peter Weiderud, president of the Christian Socialdemocrats, does not have many comments..

He explained that Assange was invited to discuss media's role in conflicts - a seminar that took place in Stockholm, last Saturday.

Anna Ardin was the person behind the invitation, who later contacted the police and reported the founder of WikiLeaks for sexual molestation.

"This is a matter for the police and it occured during her free time." I am responsable for her well being, Peter Weiderud emphasises and adds that Anna Ardin - who is also press secretaty for the Christian Socialdemocrats, is on sick leave after the incident.

The suspicions about rape has been dropped. The alleged crime, that is now dropped, should have occured around Enkoping.

The allegations that concern sexual molestation supposedly occured in Stockholm.

Two women, one of them Anna Ardin, who reported WikiLeaks founder to the police, which resulted in an arrest order issued by emergency prosecutor Maria Haljebo Kjellstrand.

Maria Haljebo Kjellstrand's actions is now reported to the Ombudsmen of Justice, by an organisation that calls themselves the Rattsorganisationen, RO.

"To arrest someone is a serious decision where the prosecutor must have enough evidence to order an arrest" sais Johann Binninge, president of RO, to Svenska Dagbladet.

"The testimony of one person is not evidence."

The chief prosecutor, Eva Finne, tells TT that she will make a decision this week how to continue with this case.

"I will thoroughly look into the case and how to label it within the nearest few days. I have not ordered an interrogation with Assange."

Newzglobe has searched Anna Ardin and chief prosecutor Eva Finne for a comment.


1 - @Insider: everything you write is *conjecture*. You still don't know anything. And appear to be extraordinarily naive.

2 - @Insider. I agree with you that the report to the police was an act of revenge and possibly irrational anger. I am surprised though that the Swedish judicial system, more or less routinely, at least according to the moron Rosander, would issue an arrest order based on a verbal not evidence based incident.

3 - We have thousands of these kind of disturbed women here. And Sweden is the most corrupt nation in the world when it comes to violence in relations and sexual crime.

4 - Emoticon

5 - "There is NO CIA involvment or other conpiracy against Julian Assange. It is just a love affair that went wrong because of a jealous lover feeling beetrayed."

Anna Ardins cousin and near friend is Lieutenant Colonel Mattias Ardin, Deputy Head of Operations, Swedish Joint Forces Land Component Command, who works with Nato Operations ... in Afghanistan. There´s a possible CIA connection.

6 - There is NO CIA involvment or other conpiracy against Julian Assange. It is just a love affair that went wrong because of a jealous lover feeling beetrayed.

Anna Ardin has been (is?) the official press secretary in Sweden for Julian Assange. After all it is not very professional if it indded had been a conspiracy from any intelligence operation.

Anna Ardin has been orchestrating and arranging much of Julians apperence, speaches and practical matters when Assange came to Sweden this time. She is also confirmed to be his lover.

Anna is a leading and active "radical feminist" in Sweden studying at Uppsala University. She is known for a lot of desire to be in the focus of attention and constantly she has in the past beeing recognized for her radical wievs.

She also in Januari published on her blog how to revenge using the juridical systems. It is not the first time she has accused anyone for "sexuellt ofredande" = molestation of sexual nature in Sweden.

In Sweden it is very easy and common to use the jurisdiction to get revenge a man by this way because it is a very strict rules for behaviour against woman. For example if you comment verbally on a womens clothes or behaviour in a inappropriate way it could be enough to satisfy the requirement for "sexuellt ofredande". Not to mention an inappropriate touch by your hand even in public.

Beeing A) A betrayed lover and B) A radical feminist it is not strange that she will belive in the second womans story about rape speciially since she knows this woman personally.

Further looking at her past escapades and personality it is a nutural (and highly predictable) reaction for her to try to support this story in a police station complaint by exaggerating her own experince.

I think (and now I am speculating) she felt betrayed by Julian, since whe know that they have in fact been lovers and that Julian have been a person she looked up to. Maybee she wanted him for herself not to share with another woman.

However I think that she got carried away in her reaction and did not act logically when she supported and filed the complaint to the Police. She, more than anyone, very well understands how the process goes on in Sweden when a suspicion of rape is beeing known by the police.

She did not reflect enough on the base of her friends accusition of Julian Assange for rape, and the consequencies of a faulty accusition by checking the facts with critical eyes.

So did not the first jour prosecutor either because in most cases the majority of men accused in this way is not in the media highlight as Assange is. That is probably the reason why this story envelopes at the best moment in time or worst depending on how you see it.

7 - There may have been US Government involvement: Assange was surely being followed and it is possible that information about the woman artist he was having an affair with (and reportedly raped) was shared with Anna Arden, who may have been unaware of Assange's two-timing. The messy outcome of that sort of disclosure would not be hard to predict. Just a guess based on generally available info.

8 - { Link }

Articles on the case, translated from Swedish articles to English.

Kanske intresserar dig så du slipper översätta själv.

11 - She will end up dead - with her friend alsoEmoticon

12 - You be surprised who works for CIA, Sweden, Sweden is not in NATO her sweet cousin Mattias is in operating in NATO, one time Priminister was assassinated by a vagrant who hardly knew who was he shooting, There was the Estonian Ship sinking with military equipment on it stolen from Russia, as well it was the Swedish pimp Dag Hjalmar Agne Carl Hammarskjöld that was behind Patrice Lumuba's killing in Congo,

13 - May be islamists are right: keep women in the kitchen, or else ...

14 - Whatever, Julian never slept with this lesbo...

15 - It seems this is very unlikely to be a legitimate charge. I think Assange just attracted some fans, had two consensual one-night stands, and when these two found each other they decided to take advantage and claim rape. How likely is it that Julian sexually assaulted two women just before unleashing all these cables? This Anna Ardin woman seems like a real monster, she made a blog post about lying to courts to get back at ex lovers, and has other radical feminist activities in her background.

16 - @Nik. Fox News is a bizarre phenomena, it is a loudspeaker for uberpaid (to copy Glenn Beck lingo) dingbats. Sad to see that so many here in the US turn to them to get their instant opinion. They should go to the library instead and work on their reading and analytical skills themselves, they would be surprised what they would learn.

17 - @Nitesh. I think you are right. This is all about cheap revenge. However, in the end this high profile case will force some changes to the Swedish legal procedures in sex assault cases. Innocent men should not be caged for weeks, while women are given the right to think about if they were assaulted or not.

18 - And on Fox News they ask for the assassination of Assagne: { Link }

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