Weaky, leaky women

How come that Anna Ardin suddenly is on sick leave for something she, according to her employer did on her free time, including but not excluding attending a crayfish party with Assenge, being molestated by Assenge and later going to the police station for advice on how to deal with the supposed molestation situation. What stops her from doing her job as press secretary? She was obviously the one who called Expressen to report that her scheme to revenge Assenge had succeeded, why hide now? and why should your employer and the Swedish tax payers pay for your sudden sickness. Women-up and take resonsabiity for your own actions. I thought a radical feminist would be much stronger than hide for a media storm she cause herself. And by the way I am ashamed to be a woman from Gotland today, Gotlander are nice, strong and honest people.
And what about the prosecutor Maria Haljebo Kjellstrand, sometimes she refers to the confidentiality of the ongoing investigation, but when Expressen calls her she can give away the name of one person involved in the ongoing investigation. She is now also conveniently on leave until September 1. Her leave is fully paid by Swedish tax payers. This woman took upon herself to make a decision about arresting a person based on unverified hearsay from a police officer. And now she is allowed to hide and not woman-up to her actions.
And now, a third woman, the chief prosecutor Eva Finne, that took 24 hours to decide that there was not enough evidence in the case for a rape accusation, now she suddenly needs more than three days to figure out what she is supposed to call the molestation allegations. Who knows, maybe she is on sick leave tomorrow as well.  


1 - @Rick. What did her being on the countryside when she made her decision has to do with anything. I do hope that the chief prosecutor is able to work under pressure so I do not worry as long as she asks Rosander to take a looong vacation, maybe on the countryside? Rosander was the one that delivered most of the pancakes.

2 - She didn't need 24 hours. Hon var ute på landet och de skickade allt till henne där. Det var där hon fattade beslutet. Låt henne arbeta i fred nu så att det inte blir mera pannkakor av det hela.

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