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Today the divorce between Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods was finalized here in Florida. Elin did her best to protect her and her childrens safety and integrity by divorcing a husband who was an obvious liability. I wish Elin and her children the best of luck and I am sure these kids will do good in the hands of Elin.


1 - He was a liability? He made her rich beyond her dreams. Vad är det som luktar så fränt här?

2 - @Burt. He was out having unprotected sex with prostitutes and took drugs and paid these women for service and silence. That's what I call a liability to his family. No money in the world can change that fact. Should she have accepted this because "he made her rich"? The scent you seem to pick up from this blog post is not the odor of a radical feminist just one who thinks beyond the money Emoticon

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