Eva Finne has made her decision in case # K246314-10 and K246336-10

Translated from the Swedish Prosecution Authoritie's web site.
Decision by chief prosecutor Eva Finné.

There are two complaintes made from two different women in the case. The complaint number one was originally classified as rape and complaint number 2 as molestation.

.Complaint number 1     K246314-10
The information from interrogation with the complaintant, is as already reported, of such, that there is no longer a suspicion of rape. This does not mean that I do not trust her information. I have studied the content of the interrogation, to decide whether there is a suspicion of another crime, in first hand molestation or sexual molestation, but I find in my analysis that this is not the case. Therefore the preliminary investigation is closed concerning this complaint as there is not suspicion of crime.

Complaint number 2    K246336-10
Suspicion about molestation remains. I will instruct the investigator to interrogate the suspect.

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