Editorial on the Assange case in Expressen

Editorial writer Ann-Charlotte Marteus claims that "disgusting young men and women in the bloggoshpere is an imminent threat to gender equality."  She finds that the symapthy is with Assange and that the same time "something horrible is happening, in crazy, digital, gangbangformation, bloggers and commentators attacks one of the women that filed a complaint."

Marteus continues with pointing out one blogger called Pär Ström, who she labels "man fighter" who had published name and photos of the women accusing Assange for rape. Pär Ström, also claims that "Sweden is strongly characterised by state feminism and hatred of men, which probably increases the number of reported rapes" and he also writes that the legal security for men in Sweden is minimal. Marteus ends her editorial with "yes, there are decent voices in this matter. Brave opposition. But they are drowned in the witch brew called new media. Where net blessed cherish integrity. Until they find an immoral woman they want to display. New media. Now upgraded with medeival honour culture."

My comments to Marteus, well, as always I am flattered when I am referred to as young, so thank you for the compliment. I do not agree though that bloggers like me that identified the accusors with name and photo and also questioned their motives for accusing Assange of rape. Maybe, many of us in new media point out new trends and developments that old media has not observed being busy trying to survive in a new tough media world where readers have so many choices. I am a modern woman who grew up in Sweden and studied and lived in Uppsala for many years. I do not consider many young, professional, well educated women as victims in need of protection from new media.The new woman is strong, in control of her sexuality and many times has a reliable network to consult in any case she would feel molestated, insulted or injured. The most powerful women today also have a voice, a language and a channel to express herself, and do women know how to express themselves!
The weak, unprotected, abused, raped women of the world, seldom have access to this channel and they can not even trust the people representing the law to help them, this is a fact also in Sweden and the support to these victims should be much stronger than it is today. I worked with women abusing alcohol and drugs for some years in the 90's and in many of them I saw victims without a language or a voice to express themselves, and many, many of these women told me that they had been abused by the people employed by the Swedish state to help them. In central Stockholm especially it was not uncommon that drug abusing women that sold sex to support their drug addiction, had to give blow jobs and other services to the police in order to not be arrested. The years I worked with these women, gave me another perspective on a Sweden I thought was fantastic and flawless and I also thought every Swede was equal to the law and under legal security.
I think Expressen did a great job exposing the name of Assange immediately after the arrest order was issued. Expressen of course did it because nothing sells like a juicy sex scandal. By exposing Assange and the rape charges, Expressen exposed Sweden as a country without legal security as the bizarre chain of events was rolled out and discussed in media all over the world. It was very important to readers and to the public to quickly find out the identity of the alleged rape victims. Why? Because, Marteus does not want to admit that new media is powerful, inquisitive and smart. The fact that one of the accusors was press secretary for Broderskapsrörelsen and the contact person and organiser for Assange's seminar arranged by the Socialdemcrat organisation was an importan peace in his puzzle. This woman, we found out, is well educated, well connected and well paid. How could a professional woman like her end up in bed with a man hired by her employer to speak at a high profile seminar? Who was the victim really, the Swedish legal security, Julian Assange, the women. New media dug into the case and scrutinized and exposed weaknesses in the Swedish legal system to the world. Again, the shift of power from old media to new media became obvious to all interested parties. Marteus, I do not think you can fight us, so why don't you join us, we have so much fun in the new media and you seem so alone and bitter. Marteus bitter rant, in Swedish can be found here

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