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Outsourcing is a race to the bottom. The US will assume the same living standards as countries we outsource to, rather than them raising to our level.
One of the largest accounting firms in the USA, with IT headquarters in Tampa,  has outsourced thousands of jobs to India and south America for the last few years. Yesterday another 500 employees got the dreaded phone call that they had been fired. Many of them will have to spend their last months training their outsourced replacement before having to pack their skills and go. Needless to say it will be difficult for the latest victims of outsourcing to find a new job in this economy. A new report released by InformationWeek draws the conclusion that one of the top three reasons to why the US will loose its position as global IT innovation leader.  
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from InformationWeeks report

"Research Summary:

For the better part of a decade, executives, economists, policy-makers, researchers, and other so-called experts have lamented the inexorable decline of the U.S. IT industry and the country's standing as the global technology leader. Reports with ominous titles have questioned whether U.S.-based IT vendors and the organizations they sell to have the technical chops, national backing and requisite will to out-innovate their counterparts in other countries.
While InformationWeek's editors can relate to the sense of national urgency, especially as the U.S. limps out of the worst recession in 30 years, they remain bullish. Most of the profound IT-based innovations of the past decade came from--and continue to come from--the U.S., not from Asia or Europe. But myriad commercial, economic, political, cultural, and other challenges are evident.

In this report, we explore why some of the industry's leading lights, as well as many survey respondents, think that U.S. tech competitiveness is in trouble. Some of their key concerns:

The offshoring of technology jobs to India and other countries is discouraging young Americans from pursuing tech careers and shipping innovation abroad. Among the 427 survey respondents who think the U.S. is losing or has lost its technology leadership position, 66%--the single highest percentage--cited offshore job movement as one of the top three reasons....."

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