Assange vulnerable as a Robin Hood without a Marion

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WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, turned to Sweden as a safe haven for his whistleblower organisation. Assange seems to be a well educated, smart and well spoken person who has chosen a life as global nomad with a laptop as his only possession. He is brave enough to trust friends and strangers alike to give him shelter and food so that he can focus on his life mission. Quite an extraordinary personality that won't easily be labeled and to many remains an enigma.  

Is he a Robin Hood, not from the Sherwood forest but from Cyberspace? Here to rob the information from the superpowers and give it to the general public. His persona and mission is obviously is very romantic to women. Maybe some of them hope to become the Marion of Robin Hood, by offering this unselfish hero and roof over his head and bread. Unlike the Disney version of Robin Hood though,  Assange does not seem to be interested in building romantic relationships. Some women even call him socially incompetent and having a twisted view on women.

Will Assange's inability to romantically satisfy women become his fall? Sex scandals have proven to be a very efficient way to kill superheroes, and Assange is at risk to loose the position he has with WikiLeaks. Some members of the organisation now show their bad judgement by talking to media about not wanting Assange to remain the leader and sole spokesperson until he has been cleared from the rape accusations made by two Swedish women.  The fact that members of WikiLeaks do speak to media about unsolved management problems is of course a bigger threat to WikiLeaks than to Assange himself. Airing high level problems via media is not a good management or pr strategy.

The Daily Beast published an article where the Icelandic artist and left wing politician Birgitta Jonsdottir confirmed that many within WikiLeaks want to see others than Assange representing the organisation. Another anonymous source from WikiLeaks claims that the temporary shut down of WikiLeaks web site was a protest against Assange's refusal to step down as a spokesperson.
Birgitta Jonsdottir seems to have a certain conception on how men are supposed to behave, one of her theories on what might have gone wrong between Assange and the two Swedish accusers is "That the allegation may represent a cultural misunderstanding between Assange and the two women and that this may be a classic romantic triangle. Obviously Birgitta Jonsdottir consider herself an expert on cultural differences as she continues to claim that "Julian is brilliant in many ways, but he doesn't have very good social skills.....And he is a classic Aussie in the sense that he's a bit of a male chauvinist."

I wonder if she has any expert comments on the classic Swedish woman as well?

Personally after having read the comments made by Birgitta Jonsdottir, I prefer to see WikiLeaks represented by Assange rather than people with the communication skills of Birgitta Jonsdottir.  

Read the Daily Beast article here

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