Transparency journalism by anonymosity communication

WL insiders have contacted Brisbane Times and told the newspaper that there is not wish from the WL insiders to see Assange kicked out of the organisation. The anonymous insider tells Brisbane Times that right before the Swedish rape accusations, WL was planning a re-organisation due to the rapid growth of the organisation. The WL source say that no one wanted Assange to step down as editor-in-cheif but "a few people have floated the idea of him stepping down as the media spokesperson".
Interestingly enough the WL source mentioned a new term, never before used by WL called transparency journalism, explained as "journalism that tells a true story and then backs it up by publishing source documents that also provide the truth.
Well, all this sounds a little bit hollow as the source contacting Brisbane Times is anonymous, so who knows, that the source provides the truth? And how does this coerce with the protection of the source that media so much depends on and protects?

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