Assange is the only one who makes sense in the Swedish rape scandal published the following update on the Assange scandal today " The investigation progresses, but right now, and within the next week, I cannot provide any new information on this matter, says the Director of Public Prosecution Ms Marianne Ny."
It must be a very tricky situation for the prosecutors to prove, not only to the court, but also to a man and woman that had sex, that during the sexual act, a rape was committed without any of them being aware of it. This is actually the current situation and I do not see how the prosecutors can come out of this bizarre scandal without seriously damaging the trust for the legal justice for the Swedes as well as for the rest of the world.

Do we need prosecutors present when we have sex, to make sure no crime is committed? Is that what Marianne Ny is spending her time and Swedish tax money on now, to break down information she has from one of the parties, the woman, and decide exactly how and when consensual sex became rape. Obviously Marianne Ny believes that it was the woman who was the victim and the man was the perpetrator, still she has not, after two weeks of investigations,  heard the man about the rape case. And she does not seem to care about the necessity of a speedy handling of a case where someone is accused of a crime such as rape. This, despite the fact that she, herself has emphasised the importance of speed in investigating sex crime cases. And seriously, what is she doing?  
Assange's request for change of defense lawyer has been approved and he is now being represented by Bjorn Hurtig. Hopefully Bjorn Hurtig will do more than act surprised and make sure this case is looked at and dissected from all possible angles. This case is much bigger than Assange now, it has to do with the core of the Swedish legal justice and each and everyone in Sweden should pay attention to the development. The communication in the case have been beyond bad from the authorities, they are simply not used to be questioned and has not adjusted to the modern media landscape. Now Marianne Ny has crawled in under one of the stones she said she would look under during the ongoing investigation and does not want to say anything, neither does she want to talk to Assange.
Assange, on the other hand is managing the situation by being the active party, he is changing his lawyer, he is talking to media, and for now, he seems to be the only sensible person in this mess by communicating a clear message about his innocense. It is good to see that he comes back strong after the shock of being accused of rape and is now powering up to defend himself. He will be quite a challenge for Marianne Ny and her crippled communications department.  


1 - Thank you for this. I feel for Sweden right now. We've been living this kind of abuse in the US for a long long time now. Contrary to popular belief, we are NOT the home of the free. We are the home of the highest prison population on earth. Think about that.

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