Swedish sailor still missing

The Swedish sailor Ola Möller whose abandoned sailboat was found in the waters near Cape Canaveral on September 2,  has not yet been found. Möller bought 47-foot Beneteau from Texas where it had been salvaged and restored from damages caused by hurricane Ike.

Möller intended to sail in the West Indies and had planned to meet with friends at different locations there. When Möller who has more than 50 years of experience of yatching and is a seasoned skipper sailed the Beneteau from Texas to Florida the generator died and Möller found himself without electricity and he could not send SOS message with the ship's radio. Eventually Ola was rescued by the Coast Guard and had the generator repaired in Florida. The generator problems continued though and only a few days before Möller disappeared near the Bahamas the generator had to be repaired again. It seems as if Möller might not have been aware of the fact that the sailboat he bought in Texas had been completely submerged under water before it was salvaged and that the problems with the generator and the wiring therefore were more serious than he could have foreseen when he initially set out to sail from Texas to Florida. The dingy and all electronics in the boat was missing when it was found. The search for Möller is still ongoing.  


1 - @Martha. Thank you, please let me know if there are any errors and I will verify and correct them.

2 - This is the only article that I have read regarding Ola Moller since he went missing that is "almost" correct.

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