Chancellor of Justice office leaks investigation details on police leak in the Assange scandal

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It appears that the tabloid Aftonbladet had the complete dossier on the original complaint made by Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen that led the emergency prosecutor to arrest Assange in his absence charging him for rape. Aftonbladet editor-in-chief Jan Helin admits that he got the complete dossier via "normal" channels. The leak is now being investigated by the Internal Affairs Division of the Swedish police as well as by the Chancellor of Justice represented by Anna Skarhed, yes another woman gets involved.  

The Chancellor's office has released information that indicates that Helin would have contacted the police and told them he had the dossier, which Helin denies. Helin is also upset that information on how he obtained the dossier is leaked by the Chancellor of Justice office.
Read more here (in Swedish)

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