"God hates Sweden pastor" will burn qurans and American flag today

After the big tsunami hit Thailand in December 2004, a pastor Fred Waldron Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, claimed that the many deaths of Swedish tourists in the tsunami occured because God hates Sweden. Pastor Phelps explains that God hates Sweden because in 1944, homosexuality was legalised in Sweden, and as Phelps has been preaching for many years that God hate fags, God must also hate Sweden. I do not think that anyone in Sweden took this guy for serious but he is offending our country and as a Swede, at least I feel deeply insulted. However, Swedes are pretty peaceful people nowadays. So I do not think Americans in Sweden will have to fear for their lifes because of the hate campaign rallied against our country by pastor Phelps.

Someone if hosting pastor Phelps web site godhatessweden.com and it is still up and running. So is pastor Phelps who announces in a video on the web site that he will not only burn Qurans today at noon in his church but also the American flag. I would say that pastor Phelps is really hateful in his video and I am surprised that he has been flying under the radar of the media. Redneck rev Jones is really not up to par with the hatefulness of pastor Phelps. So while redneck rev flew to New York to get his 5 minutes of fame and appear on national television to tell the world that he will not burn qurans today, pastor Phelps is building his bonfire.  

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