Aussie lawyer speaks up for Assange - finally

The Swedish Prosecutor is still busy "looking under every stone" in the Assange case and there have been no updates since September 9, with a message stating that there were no updates, on, The Swedish Prosecutor's office official web site.
One might suspect that the Swedish authorities are trying to chill the case by complete silence and hope that the world will be looking elsewhere when it is time to declare the findings in the case.
Now, we all know that it is not going to happen, and I do hope the current Director of Communications, Karin Rosander has been replaced by then.
This week, the human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson told  “Mr Assange has been the victim of utterly incompetent prosecutors who have severely damaged his rights, the rights that every person in Europe has granted to them under the European convention,” “The Australian government, now that we have a government, should carpet the Swedish ambassador and make a formal protest against the treatment of Assange.” He also predicted that the European Court of Human Rights would order the Swedish government to compensate him.
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