Updates on the disappearance of Swedish solo sailor Ola Möller

A picture named M2
   This is not Ola Möller’s boat but a Beneteau 473

On September 2nd Ola Möller’s sailboat, a Beneteau 473, was found abandoned at sea with tattered sails,  some miles from Cape Canaveral on Florida’s east coast. Ola Möller had sent a text message to his son in Sweden on August 27 when he left Bimini destined for Puerto Rico where he had planned to meet with a friend.  It is not known which route Ola was planning from Bimini to Puerto Rico but possibly he sailed eastwards towards Nassau. The weather at that time was good with light winds, but Ola never reported to any ports, so it is assumed that something happened to Ola within the first few days he was sailing between Bimini and Nassau. The US Coast Guard scoured the waters extensively where he was thought to have disappeared but did not find any trace of Ola Möller or the dinghy.

The Beneteau was thoroughly investigated by the Brevard County Sheriff that found no evidence of foul play. However, certain belongings of Ola Moller and some equipment is missing from the boat as well as the dinghy, it appears that someone at some point boarded the sailboat and ransacked it. The sails were set and a rope was stuck on the propeller when the sailboat was found, which had led to speculations that something might have happened to Ola when he tried to get the rope off the propeller. Damages to the rudder indicate that the boat has been stuck and repeatedly hit something such as a coral reef.

There are more questions than answers to this mystery, one of them is how the abandoned sailboat could travel from the waters surrounding Bimini to Cape Canaveral without being discovered earlier.


1 - @John. I have not read the CSI report so I do not know exactly what was missing from the boat. I guess that it is difficult to know exactly what was on the boat at the time Ola went missing and if he left the boat himself what he might have brought with him. Still many questions marks in this tragedy.

2 - what does certain belongings means,
the diabetes kit?

3 - @Paul the boat is in Cape Canaveral, unfortunately the sailor has not yet been found.

4 - Does anyone know where the boat is now? Has the owner been found?

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