We have IKEA and Stockholm Beer in Florida now – what more can a Swede ask for!

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Stockholm Premium Lager Beer was introduced to the USA in 2010, as the first Swedish Beer available on the US market for more than 10 years.  Three Swedish entrepreneurs from Florida, convinced the Swedish brewery Krönleins, founded in 1836, to export their gold medal winning brew, Stockholm Premium Lager to the USA and Florida.

Within less than a year the distribution of the beer has expanded to Alabama and Georgia.

All Swedish beer lovers, including myself should be grateful to Ulf Sandström and his two sons Mikael and Fredrik who convinced the renowned Swedish brewery to export their beer,  that the US beer afficiniados call Euro Pale Lager to Florida and take up the tough competition with other European megabrands such as Heineken and Stella Artois and the fact that the US today have more beer types per capita than Germany.

Eventhough the Stockholm beer is already exported to more than 20 countries, the US market is tough but tempting and it is about time to introduce the Swedish beer brewers to the European family of fine beers you can enjoy here in the States.

 Swedes have been drinking beer since the Viking age when fresh beer was made with honey and water it was called meade or honey wine and it was considered a drink of the gods.  Interestingly enough Swedes today import mead from US meaderies made from different types of honey.

On the Swedish island where I grew up we still make a fresh beer called Gotlandsdricku with roots from the medieval times, it is made from juniper berries, honey, yeast and a variety of grains, it  is a cloudy beer with a distinct sweet and smoky flavor.  

Beer was the Swedish national drink from the Viking times until the 17th century when spirits became popular.  More interesting Swedish beer history in English can be found here http://www.europeanbeerguide.net/swedintr.htm

Our traditional festivities such as Christmas, Midsummer, Crayfish party and the real Swedish Smorgasbord are not complete without beer and snaps, and of course the snaps and beer must be made in Sweden.

Ulf Sandström is currently an importer of the Swedish beer and he has successful cooperation with the distributors of Anheuser – Busch in Florida, together with them, Ulf is working on making the Stockholm Premium Lager available all over Florida, you can find the Swedish beer at Publix and Sweetbay as well as Total Wines and ABC Liquors. Ulf has received a very positive response from Publix and the other retailers of the beer. As a Swedish entrepreneur he has had mostly positive experiences in working on the competitive US market, Ulf sais that he feels that Americans like Sweden and Swedes and that with the right liaisons in the US you can go far. One key to the success for the Swedish beer is the experienced sales professional Dwayne Gavin, who has been securing an increasing amount of orders and has set the goal to have the Stockholm beer available in all 50 states by the next year. It seems like everything is in place for the Swedish beer to win in America, a Swedish devoted imported, a large and well renowned distributor and an effective sales person.  

Ulf and his sons are amongst other things promoting the Stockholm Premium Lager at beer festivals all over Florida, currently the beer will be offered at the beer festival in Gainesville and has already made a success at beer festivals in Orlando, Lakeland and Sarasota.  

Since we moved to Florida in 2005 we have seen the world renowned Swedish stores IKEA and H&M open in this state, and now we have the Stockholm beer, what else can a Swede ask for?  

For more info on the Stockholm Beer go to stockholmbeerusa.com

Check out the latest promo video on youtube  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZbFAXFKOkk

Here is more about the Florida Beer Festivals floridabeerfestivals.com


1 - @Chelsea. I could not find any info about distributors in the UK on Kronleins web, why don't you contact them info@kroenleins.se

2 - Hi. Where can I buy Stockholm Lager in the United Kingdom?

3 - Where and how can I order the Swedish beer to lousiana

4 - Contact the Swedish rep Ulf Sandström at coolio345[at]aol.com . Good luck and let me know what you think of the Swedish beer!

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