Swedish Housewives in New York – what a sleeping pill

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I am totally spoiled and obsessed by the American housewives of DC, OC, NY and Atlanta. The dynamics between the wives, their vulgar fabulousness and ability to create drama out of thin air combined with a drive to shamelessly monetize their fame is really a vitamin pill to watch.  Hilarious is also those of them who claim to have class, wow, class in America is certainly not the same as in Europe, but American classy certainly is more entertaining than the European, muted, understated way of showing class.  

TV 3 had a huge success with first season of Swedish Housewives of Hollywood, with the obnoxious and fake Anna Anka who certainly is not very Swedish in her tacky, wacky way.  Maria Montezami, a typical Swedish housewife from the “whining belt” in Sweden, known for a dialect that sounds very – whining and a little bit stupid, is as loved by the Swedes as Anna Anka is hated.

This season when three new Swedish Hollywood wives where introduced I lost interest in the series, to boring.  And TV 3 just doesn’t get it, no one wants to see stiff, Swedish women show off their houses, cars, dogs and how they go shopping in ordinary boutiques or have boring dinner parties at home.  We want to see interaction and drama in the dynamics between the wives, the back stabbing, the rivalry, the screaming, the hair pulling, the cat fights, that’s what we like to see from the rich and fake fabs that volunteer to such shows. The Swedish wives are so careful to show off a façade that they think will impress their sisters back in Sweden that they become pathetic and boring.

I have suffered through four episodes of TV 3’s follow up on the Swedish Hollywood Wives, Svenska New York-fruar. We get to know four Swedish women living in New York, the city that never sleeps, as they say in the trailer, I almost fell asleep during the first episode though.

 How can one manage to live such a boring life in New York as the Swedish women do? They all seem sad and misplaced in New York, they look like depressed clones of the Hollywood wives with fake blonde hair and botox faces.  

The richest of them all is Madeleine Hult Elghanyan a real estate agent married to an older uber rich guy, no children but a house in the Hamptons and two dogs. We have heard a zillion times now that she worked very hard to get to where she is now.  She speaks with a shrill, forced voice and is not natural in front of the camera, she seems to be a very lonely young woman, good for her to have an attractive and young chef/assistant.  

The most bimbo is Asa Vesterlund, the stereotype of a woman to marry a well off plastic surgeon, she speaks with a baby tone to her husband and happily smacks her duck lips at him. They do not have any children.  She appears to entertain herself pretty good and bursts out in bubbly, wine induced giggles at just about anything. The perfect wife for a man who wants to marry a baby doll and show off his skills with the knife and botox.  Asa jets between West Palm, New York and the Hamptons, mostly accompanied by a little dog and wine bottles. Wine can be a good coping strategy when you are bored to death.

Wine and drugs brought Janique Svedberg and her husband together. Janique who lives in what appears to be a small and non fab apartment with her tiny dog and fiancée has been very open about her past life with drugs and how happy she is now with her man whom she met at a rehab. She is stuck in the 60’s flower power era and is obsessed by her tiny dog, that she dresses up in ridiculous outfits.  Janique does not have any children.

The most wacky and only entertaining woman is Gunilla Persson.  She looks like she comes from another era, lives in a small, stuffy apartment decorated by someone’s grandmother.  She is a little bit frumpy and wears pretty unflattering clothes. Oblivious to her surroundings she is dead beat on making her daughter a star of some kind, singing, modeling or acting, it does not seem to matter. She teaches her odd rhymes and songs also from another place and time than New York 2010. There is absolutely no fabulousness with this woman or lifestyle , several Swedish phsycologists have already expressed  concern for the wellbeing of Gunilla’s child being pushed into a appearance focused industry, my gosh, these guys obviously need to study the beauty pageant industry in this country, they would have a field day analyzing all these pageant damaged kids . Gunilla who used to be a model, is only teaching her daughter the trade that made herself rich. Nothing wrong with that, really. My concern is that she takes her kids to old frumpy agents that live in small stuffy apartments instead to the successful agencies with big, fancy offices. Every time I have watched Gunilla she has been in environments that want to make me sneeze.

I do hope that TV3 eventually will get it and toss all the Swedish women together, add some real drama queens with high fab factor, then, I will pop my popcorn……


1 - I like!Emoticon Emoticon

2 - Gunilla has never been married and is definitely not rich, only her child's married father is rich. Someone needs to call child services to report her for taking her daughter out of school for months at a time for her own traveling leisure.

3 - Anyone know who the father of Gunilla's child is?

4 - @LaGuardia I do not know who the father is but I am sure Gunilla knowsEmoticon

5 - If it isn't glaringly obvious, Gunilla is a complete idiot. What's worse, however, is what an absolute deadbeat she is. She happens to owe money to everybody within spitting distance and doesn't have 2 nickels to rub together. She is a trainwreck and whoever the father is, of the daughter, should take custody... Or maybe he's even worse.

6 - I agree on many things you have written here but I read Åsa Vesterlunds book and she clearly did not marry the guy for his money! In fact she had more money than he had, I know pretty surprising! Also he is not a plastic surgeon either Emoticon

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