National Public Radio should change its name

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It has been an outrage in the USA over NPR firing of their longtime news reporter Juan Williams. The National Public Radio broadcasted in the US is not public though and should change its name. Coming from Sweden where the equivalent to NPR is P1 of the Swedish Radio I thought that the US public radio was financed by the state, by taxpayers money, and thereby owned by the people, the same way Sveriges Radio is. However, that is not the fact with NPR, programs are interrupted by commercials just like any other broadcast here in the US. Our local NPR station here in Tampa Bay is promoting cars, legal services as much as other channels. Yesterday when I was listening to the debacle going on after the Juan Williams I learned that a state mananged fund pay 1% of the costs for NPR so the state, or the public has very little to do with NPR as the rely to 99% on private funding.

The quality of the programming is not as high as that of the Swedish Public Radio and it is obvious that NPR could use more funds to do a better job, I like though that they now buy programming from excellent BBC World News. Well National Public Radio in the US is a little public as American football is football. I can agree with many that NPR is pro liberal and often takes side with the liberal point of view on all matters. So maybe they should be called National Liberal Radio instead, nothing wrong with that really, more honest and more transparent.
After all they accepted a grant of 1.8 million dollars from liberal philanotropist George Soros so how can they claim neutrality and objectivity really.  It is quite a blatant lie from a news organisation who wants to promote themselves as having the highest ethical standards in news reporting, to actually misleading their listeners to think that they belong to the US public, as little as US elected politicians belong to their voters, does NPR belong to the people.  

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