Shootings in Malmo are escalating

Someone in Malmo, the third biggest city in Sweden with 300 000 inhabitants, 30% of them are immigrants, is shooting at people, injuring and killing them, this has been going on for more than a year and not until now the citizens are warned to avoid certain places after dark. The following shootings in Malmo are now believed to be connected:

October 9, 2009 - two men 20 and 32 years old are shot at and both get leg injuries.
October 10, 2009 - a young woman is shot and killed.
December 30, 2009 - someone is shooting into a mosque and several people inside the mosque are injured.
January 25, 2010 - two men 17 and 36 are being shot one in the chest and one in the legs.
March 14 - a police station is being targeted with several shots that hits a bullet proof window. No one is injured.  
March 16 - two men 21 and 22 are being shot at, one is injured in the leg the other gets a bullet whole in his cap.
June 19 - three men are shot at one one of the his hit in the arm.
June 26 - a man is shot with three bullets in his back when he is working out at a gym.
June 27 - a man is shot in the shoulder.
August 25 - a fast food stand is being shot at, three men inside none of them are hit.
October 10 - a man is shot in the stomach.
October 20 - a man shot in the back, the bullet went thought the lunge, the man is in serious condition
October 21, 2010 - two women in an appartment are being shot through the window one is hit in the arm and the other in the back.
Today - one man riding his bicycle when he was shot at but not hit.  

All victims, except for the young women who died are young men with an immigrant background.

The 16 shootings above stand out from the totally 60 shootings that were reported to the Malmo police during the more than a year they have been going on. The Malmo police who are known for their racistic remarks during the so called Rosengards riots in December 2008 when a policeman was caught on film saying "the little f*ing monkey, I will castrate him when I catch him." Need to catch the perpetrator sooner than later to show the Swedes that they protect and serve all Swedes. The Malmo police has had problems communicating with immigrants since the racist remarks where aired on Swedish television and therefore has not been able to perform a complete investigation, immigrants in Malmo does not trust the Malmo police force who now have problems protecting this group from what appears to be a gun man who target immigrants.

Tonight the police is out looking for the shooter with uniformed and plain clothes police and the area where the latest shooting took place is swarming with police.

Swedish and international media is covering the shootings so the pressure is yet again on the Malmo police, let us hope they can catch the shooter and stay away from more racial slur scandals.


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