Malmo police clueless

Once the media caught the smell of a possible serial shooter,  the Malmo police had to admit they looked into the possibilites of someone targeting immigrants. Today the police has admitted that they have linked five shootings out of a total of 50 shooting incidents for the last year in Malmo to the same weapon. It seems like little resources have been spent on finding the shooter until national and international media wrote about the shootings this week. Obviously the attention might encourage others to start shooting at people in Malmo to get the attention and it might also encourage the alleged gunman to more shootings. Late Friday night local time there was another shooting reported but it is unknown if the shooting is connected to the serial incidents. Anyways, the police appears to be clueless and now they need to work in the light of media attention as well. Needless to say, people in Malmo are scared and stressed over the situation which might lead to increased violence in a city with a lot of immigration problems.  

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