WikiLeaks cleans the dirty laundry of war again

Someone has to do the ungrateful job of disclose the horrors of war. While the US that has invaded Iraq with volunteer soldiers, runs a smooth and clean propaganda machine at home, tens of thousands civil Iraqis have been killed and tortured in the hands of American soldiers. Soldiers that are celebrated as heroes upon their return to the US.
Of course Hillary Rodham Clinton is irritated over this snag in her propaganda machinery. I myself greeve the innocent that are killed, tortured and terrorised by foreign hands in their own homeland. I am not surprised that the US does what it can to hide facts about innocent lifes in Iraq.
By the way, it is not WikiLeaks that sends soldiers to kill Iraqis and thereby risk their own lifes, it is Pentagon, so stop whining about WikiLeak risking lifes. If the documents that now has become public has a content that may harm US soldiers in Iraq, make sure you are not leaking them then, it is not WikiLeaks that leaked confidential information it was Pentagon.

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