Election day - also for Mosquito Control Commissioner

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Media has been buzzing about today's election and its effect on the next presidential election, it has been sane rallies against crazy rallies, wingbat Tea Partyists against liberal intellectuals. Toxic campaigning with poisonous, stupid TV-ads. And I have seen enough of the beautiful Florida countryside being littered with ugly, cheap, voting signs.  
In crazy Florida they even elect a commissioner for some of the smallest bloodsuckers amongst us, the mosquitoes! Not as fancy as being a bank tsar controlling the big bloodsuckers, but still.
For some odd reason, the manager of Mosquito control here in Pasco county is an elected position. The Mosquito Control Commissioner is responsable for a 6 million dollar budget and to keep more than 46 species of mosquitos in control here in Pasco county.  Five people are fighting over one seat that pays $400 a month. The age range of the applicants is from 18 year to 74 and one young girl has raised more than $16 000 in campaign money. American youth learn early on, that it is all about the money.

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