More trucks than Volvos in my county

Today the 435 members of the House of Representatvies of the US Congress are elected as well as 37 of the 100 senators of the Senate. In Florida we elect a new governor of totally 37 new governors will be elected.
The members of the House of Representatives represent a district while, and is appportioned among the states by population, while each state regardless population is represented by two senators. The House and Senate are equal partners in the legislative process. Obviously a Republican dominated Congress will consitiute a challenge to Obama.

The most likely outcome of the elections is that the Democrats will lose their majority in the House and the Democrats will stay in control of the Senate.

The Tea Party, will they fail or succeed?  This mongrel and unlikely mix of grassroots and big corporation will probably grab some seats, however, the most scary human expression of the Tea Party, Christine O'Donnell of Delaware and Carl Paladino of New York will hopefully be crawling back amongst the grassroots after the election. Rand Paul with his head stomping fans in Kentucky might as well win and proudly carry the teabag (coming from Kentucky I guess the teabag will be dry) all the way into the Senate.

A wet dream for Republicans and Teabaggers equally is to regain control of House oversight committees, for us the birther nightmare will continue with endless investigations launched to find out where Obama really was born.....sometimes not even a teabagger will hesitate to waste taxpayers money.

In my county, Pasco, there are still more pickup trucks than Volvos and I am sure we will continue to be a Republican county. Now back to monitor the Mosquito Commissioner election.    

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