Assange is planning a law suit against the State of Sweden

Julian Assange tells Svenska Dagbladet today that he has been recommended by several lawyers to sue the Swedish state for defamation and smearing of his reputation by accusing him of rape and sexual molestation. The Swedish prosecutor's office has not yet decided if Assange shall be accused of rape and sexual molestation, by todays' date Assange has neither been convicted nor cleared of accusations. Assange further claims that he is very disappointed in the way Swedish authorities have managed his case. I think at this point few would oppose Assange as the Chief Prosecutor Marianne Ny has taken much longer time than she needs to make a decision in this case. It is not complicated as she has to look into the accusations of two women as she, according to Assange has not bothered to contact him for his version neither has she given Assange or his lawyer any legal documents about the status of the case. Marianne Ny commenced her investigation on September 1. Considering the severity of the case it is very difficult to understand the rationale of Marianne Ny to take more than two months to investigate the story of two women. Hopefully, Marianne Ny herself will be investigated once she has published her decision as she to many seem not to be competent to do her job and she must already have made several grave mistakes.
It is the best thing that could happen that Assange now allow lawyers to look into this case and shine some light on what has been going on, or not for the last two months. I bet, that Swedish tax payers will have to pay deerly for the incompetence of the trio of Swedish prosecutors that mishandled this case.
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