The prosecutor farce goes on - Assange is turning his back on Sweden

Again, the Prosecutor's office publishes an update on their web site, probably after having read the news that Assange will sue the State of Sweden. The message is more or less a copy and paste of the prior messages, the investigation is ongoing, it is not possible to disclose any details of the investigation, we do not know when a decision can be made in this matter.
Isn't it time that someone else take charge of this investigation now, how can Marianne Ny be allowed to sit on this investigation. Either she is incompetent for her job or someone has told her to delay her decision, in that case she has faulted her mission as a prosecutor.
Why is Swedish media not looking into this matter, they would find either corruption or incompetence in our juridical system that in the end threatens the legal justice not only for Julian Assange but also for every Swedish citizen. Where are the whistleblowers of the Prosecutor's Office?

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