Carl XVI Gustav wants to turn the page

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The book "Carl XVI Gustav - the Reluctant Monarch" has been flying off the shelves in Swedish book stores. The authors of the book refer to anonymous sources reveiling stories from the 80's and the 90's about parties with young women, connections with criminals owning night clubs in Stockholm and rumours of the King's mistresses. The book was published during the King's annual moose hunt and the group of journalists that normally covers the moose hunt suddenly grew from 5 to 58. Journalists from the other Scandinavian countries flew in to cover the event hoping for some comments from the King and the Royal Court on the book and possible lawsuits being filed against the authors and the publisher.

Surprisingly enough the King told the press that he is turning the page on the book and the allegations. He claimed that it happened a long time age and that the Royal Court had no plans on filing a lawsuit.
Swedish self acclaimed rethoric experts immediately bashed the king for the way he communicated on this matter, one of the "experts" said to Aftonbladet and Dagens Nyheter and I guess everyone that wanted to listen that the King should "shut the f*ck-up." Bad choice of words for a rethoric and communications expert.
I think that the King made two mistakes, mostly from a legal persective by claiming, before he had read the book, that he did not plan to file any lawsuits and that by saying "it happened a long time ago" he more or less confirms that some of the allegations in the book are true.  
The king was equally naive in his communication strategy, does he really think all this will go away because he more or less admits that some of the allegations in the book might be true and that he has decided to turn the page.
The tabloids will hunt down each and everyone that attended the parties and women that might have had sex with the king, and they will find women that did attend the parties and they willl also find women that will claim they have had sex with the king, just to get the attention.
The authors of the book have already made a lot of money and this scandal will be milked by the tabloids to the last drop.
The King must protect if not himself, his Queen, his family and the Royal Court from any false allegations that would undermine his authority to represent Sweden in the world. Eventhough it is common knowledge that kings throughout history have been unfaithful, a modern king, in Sweden, does behave in that way.  

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