Another case of incompetence or cover up from Swedish authorities

In 1999 the US President Bill Clinton initiated a higher level of surveillance to protect US Embassies abroad, the so called Suvreillance Detection Units, SDUs where supposed to, in cooperation with each countries authorities, detect any suspicious activities on and around the US embassies. It has lately been reveiled in Norway that this surveillance included detailed personal data on people that had been photographed in the surroundings of the US embassy. The Norwegian police had helped the US embassy with data on request for certain people.
Now the Swedish Secret Police, SAPO, claims that they had no idea that the US embassy was collecting personal and protected data on Swedes. Either the SAPO or the US embassies are lying in this case. Most embarrassing of course is it for SAPO whose job is to protect Swedes and Sweden to either a) had no idea that a  foreign government was spying on Swedes and obtained classified data on Swedes or b) lied about them cooperating with a foreign government collecting classified data on Swedes.
What is the problem of Swedish authorities, incompetence or corruption, in this case, as well as the Assange case it is either or and heads should start rolling.


1 - @Fredrik. Helt korrekt. Men eftersom jag är en fri bloggare har jag valt att kalla dem Secret Police, dels för att SÄPO ju kallar sig polis samt att jag tycker det påminner om poliserna i Pippi Långtrump, alltså löjliga och inkompetenta. Kul att du noterade detta!

2 - Det heter faktiskt "Swedish Security Service" Emoticon

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