Malmo shooter's father lives in Boca Raton

A picture named M2
The father of the alleged Malmo shooter, Peter Mang, lives in Boca Raton. Reporters from the tabloid Aftonbladet interviewed the father in his Florida home. The nifty reporters did not only visit the father of Peter Mangs, they also went to the Boca Raton sheriff's office to tell them that an alleged Swedish serial shooter had been in Florida over the Christmas holidays in 2007. The reporters got all excited when they found out that there was an unsolved shooting of a mother and her daughter that took place at the same time as Peter Mangs was in Florida. Anyways, the reporters must have had a good time in warm and sunny Boca Raton and probably wanted to spin on a possible Florida connection so that they could extend their stay in sunny Florida!

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