Morrison & Miami

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Charli Crist, our governor, wants to pardon the Door's legendary singer, Jim Morrison from a 1970 conviction of misdemeanor charges of profanity and indecent exposure for allegedly have exposed himself after a concert in Miami in 1969. Jim Morrison died in 1971and had appealed his conviction. Charli Crist now wants to pardon Jim Morrison as he "thinks it is the right thing to do. In some ways it sems like a tragic conclusion to a young man's life to have maybe this be his last legacy, where we're not sure that it actually occured."
Well, I love Jim Morrison and I had no clue that he had been charged in Miami for allegedly having exposed himself and I do not care. I am disappointed in this action taken by Charli Crist who has served as a clever and careful governor for this state for eight years. Why not work on your own legacy mr Crist and do something good for the living?  

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