Svea Hovratt might save Assange and Sweden from further embarrassment

Assange will appeal the arrest order in  Svea Hovratt, Assanges' defense lawyer, Bjorn Hurtig, has sent an appeal as the Swedish police is preparing a warrant for Assanges' arrest to be sent to Interpol. Bjorn Hurtig claims that Assange has been cooperating with the prosecutor during his stay in Sweden and that Bjorn Hurtig called Marianne Ny, the prosecutor, and asked her if it was ok for Assange to leave Sweden during the ongoing investigation. According to Hurtig, the prosecutor had no objections to Assange leaving the country. One must also consider the fact that Assange arrived in Sweden on August 14 and entered the country on a tourist visa, which means that it would have been illegal for him to stay in Sweden after November 14. Considering all the time prosecutor Ny has spent investigating this case, one would think that she should have been informed about the fact that Assange had to leave Sweden by November 14. Maybe she knew though, and waited for Assange visa to expire before she finally decided that she need to talk to him so urgently so that now she is not only wasting Swedish tax payers money, but also the resources of Interpol, who I think have better things to do than being involved in a  fundamentlist feminist terror activity against an Australian citizen. Let us hope that Svea Hovratt does the right thing and ends this man hunt now.

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