Another alleged rapist victim comes to Assanges' defense

Read this article written by a victim of the Swedish "rape justice" William Butt. It is an excellent explanation of how the Swedish legal system works when it comes to rape allegations, written by a man who had his career and life destroyed by rape allegations.
About the writer, "In the 1980's William Butt was one of the country's most celebrated show business personalities. In 1993 his career came to a sudden halt when he was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for alleged rapes against 9 women. Butt has always vehemently maintained his innocence, blaming a media witch-hunt and flaws in the Swedish legal system for his wrongful incarceration. His claims have gained total support from several of Sweden's top legal experts including two Supreme Court Judges and some of the county's most influential politicians and journalists."

Read the article here:  

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