Swedish Justice 2010

Who does the Swedish legal system protect, 14-year-old Rosanna (fictive name) from Malmo who was sold to more than 100 men, or highly educated, successful Sofia 28 years old, from Enkoping and Anna, 31, from Stockholm, who claim they were molested and raped by a man they invited to their homes, a man they had consensual sex with and the condom broke. The man whose condom broke is on Interpol’s most wanted list. One hundred men, who bought sex with a Swedish, mildly retarded 14-year-old, are walking free.  

Anna was the press secretary for the Swedish Brotherhood Movement and an active Social Democrat, Anna is a blue eyed, blond who knows how to speak for herself.  In August 2010 she had managed to invite famous Julian Assange to speak at one of her employers events. Assange came, spoke and went to bed with Anna.

Rosanna is 14 years old from Eastern Europe and came to Sweden with her parents as a young girl, when she was eleven her parents were sentenced to 4 years in prison and Rosanna was sent to a foster home.  Rosanna was diagnosed as mildly retarded and soon began to have problems in school. In the summer she turned 14 she is contacted by two girls, 17 and 19 years old. These girls sell Rosanna to more than 100 men during three months.

Anna finds out that she was not the only blue eyed, blonde Assange had sex with. Days after Anna’s first romantic encounter with Assange he is having sex with Sofia, another well educated, beautiful, Swedish woman.  For some reason Anna and Sofia decides to go to the police and ask if they can make Assange perform a HIV-test as they suddenly got concerned that Assange might have given them an STD as it appears that the condoms used had broken.  

Rosanna comes to school dirty and smells bad, she is losing weight and often the visits the school curator to pick up free condoms. She tells the curator that she has a boyfriend. The school curator contacts the Social Services  and tries to set up a meeting with them to discuss Rosanna but the Social Services has not been following up on Rosanna and not meeting is held.  Not even when Rosanna gets pregnant does the Social Services investigate her situation.

Anna and Sofia tell their story to the police who immediately contact the emergency prosecutor in Stockholm who issues and arrest order for Assange as a suspect of rape.  Police look for Assange in Stockholm night clubs but cannot find him.  A Swedish tabloid gets hold of the police interview and other documents and calls the prosecutor to confirm that it is Julian Assange that is wanted for rape. The tabloid gets the confirmation from the prosecutor and in hours the news is spread over the world that Assange is wanted for rape in Sweden.

Rosanna’s school is bustling with rumors that Rosanna is sold to sex buyers and eventually these rumors reaches her mother, who now lives with her daughter on probation in the fosterhome, heavily depressed after having spent two years in jail. The Social Services are contacted again but they do not react to the information they get from Rosanna’s school.  Neither does the mother or her friend understand what Rosanna is going through after school every day when she had to have sex with two to three men per day.

Anna and Sofia’s story and the fact that Assange is wanted for rape makes headlines all over the world and another prosecutor reviews the case and decides that Assange shall not be accused of rape but only for sexual molestation. The arrest order is thrown out.

Rosanna’s father is the one who reacts to a change in Rosanna’s behavior and his younger daughter tells her father about the rumors that Rosanna is sold and he contacts the Social Services emergency service that does not investigate the case and claims that there is nothing of concern and sends the case to the Social Services contact person for Rosanna. The father again contacts the Social Services and ask them to immediately place Rosanna with another foster home. The Social worker does not take Rosanna’s fathers concerns seriously and does nothing to follow-up, neither does he contact the police to report a suspected crime.

Anna and Sofia that are now in the center of a high profile case and have also been identified with names and photos in media and blogs, hire a lawyer.  Claes Borgstrom  a Social Democrat and former Equality Minister takes on the case and appeal the case that is now in the hands of a third female prosecutor. This prosecutor decides that Assange shall be arrested and interrogated for rape.

Rosanna is now being sold from an apartment and neighbors contact the Social Services that they suspect child prostitution. At this point the father of Rosanna, Rosanna’s school and the neighbors to the apartment from where Rosanna was sold have contacted the Social Services that does nothing neither do they contact the police to investigate suspicions of crime.

Anna and Sofia’s case has now been moved from the prosecutor at Stockholms Tingsratt to Chief Prosecutor Marianne Ny who has special competence in sex cases.  At this point no one has questioned Assange who is still suspected for rape.

Rosanna’s curator finally takes her to a gynecologist  that finds out that Rosanna is pregnant and she stays home from school, once she gets back to school, her pimps abuses her and tries to make her go back to prostitution. Finally, Rosanna tells her fosterhome mother everything, how many men she had sex with, where and how much they had paid her pimp. The foster home mother goes to the police and Rosanna tells them her story.

Anna and Sofia’s case is being thoroughly investigated for three months by Marianne Ny that wants to take her time to decide if it is a rape case, in her own words she wants to leave no stone unturned in this case.  

 Rosanna is heard by the police and tells them her story, the police does nothing. After five months the prosecutor contacts the police and asks them why they are not investigating the case. Nothing happens.  Nine months after the Rosanna filed the complaint the pimps are interrogated and they confess immediately and also names a man who was involved in the child prostitution of Rosanna. The pimp identifies several men that bought sex with Rosanna they also have many phone number to client and even some of the filmed when they walked off with Rosanna for 30 minutes of sex with a 14-year-old. Until today when Swedish Television made documentary about Rosanna, the police and prosecutor did nothing to prosecute the one hundred men that bought sex with a Swedish, mildly retarded 14-year-old.

The man whose condom broke is wanted internationally for questioning and four different prosecutors have worked non-stop in the case of the broken condom since August 17 and now police all over the world are working together to catch this man so he can be brought to Stockholm for questioning.

Rosanna is safe now, her father is out of jail to protect his young, vulnerably daughter, she got nothing from the Swedish society. One hundred men in Malmo walk free to rape and abuse young Swedish girls without risk of being prosecuted.


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