Updates on the Swedish justice soap opera

I read in Aftonbladet this morning that British police could not arrest Assange on a known address due to errors in the international arrest order issued by prosecutor Marianne Ny and the Swedish police. At the same time Högsta Domstolen denied to process Assanges appeal so he will remain on Interpols wanted list. I suspect that Marianne Ny not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, it has taken her more than three months fo figure out a case built on a three people having sex that would normally take some interviews and the production of a written sentence. Any competent person would produce such result in less than a week.

Now the woman is suddenly is so keen to talk to Assange. Almost four months after the alleged rape, it is strange that she and the police have waited so long to question the accused as she herself, in an interview in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter in March this year emphasised the importance of speedy handling of sex cases. It is also common knowledge to each and everyone who reads crime novels or watches Law and Order on TV that witnesses and others involved in an alleged crime do forget details after some time and therefore it is important to hear people without delay. My theory here is that Marianne Ny and the other radical feminist prosecutors who actually told Sofia Wilen that she had been raped, something Sofia Wilen did not know when she walked into the police station with Anna Ardin to nail the man that had made them both look like the cheap groupies they really are. The reason to Sofia Wilen did not know that she was raped was not that she had been drugged, it was that she did not know that according to Swedish law and its interpretation, a sex act that begins as consensual can end as a rape if someone during the act says no or if a condom breaks.
The arrest order is based on an investigation built solely on the testimony of two groupies that decided to have sex with a man they had met only for some hours before they had sex with him, Sofia Wilen obviously spent a lot of efforts to come near Assange, behaving like a true groupie and she got what she wanted, should not adult, well educated, Swedish women be asked to take responsability for their own actions? They know very well the risk of having sex with a stranger and at least Anna Ardin had nothing to complain about, bragging about her conquest on Twitter. And what about other women in the world that have had sex with Assange, no one has come forward to support the Swedish groupies, why is that:? It seems like the Swedish rape case is an isolated incident which really weakens the prosecutors case. It does not look very trustworthy to build a case where a 39-year-old celeb with no previous history of sexual abuse, suddenly rapes and molests two groupies at one occasion.
Or is it so, that all women that Assange had sex with were raped without knowing it? Should not Marianne Ny make an international appeal for Assanges sex partners to come forward and let Marianne Ny decide if they were raped or not.  
This is a ridiculous waste of Swedish tax payers money and an obvious abuse of power to smear Assange.


1 - As we all suspected a sleasy smear in an attempt to alienate his support and get him behind bars or in the range of an assassin.

2 - @mshel. More likely to be prosecuted and maybe even executed in the USA. It is pretty obvious that Marianne Ny has no case and now she even admits it herself.

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