What is at stake in the Assange trial?

Needless to say, the Assange rape case has become a prestige case for Marianne Ny, the Chief prosecutor who has been sitting on the case for more than three months now and made it impossible for herself and the Swedish state to throw the case out. She will have to follow through and the only way for her to save, at least face, is to make sure Assange in sentenced to jail for rape. Marianne Ny will do whatever it takes to put Assange behind bars. Marianne Ny and the Swedish police will bring Assange into custody once he arrives in Sweden, normally it would be Kronobergshaktet in Stockholm but they will have to take into consideration that there have been several death threats made against Assange so they will have to make sure he is protected from fatal attacks. It would be devastating for Swedish law enforcement and legal system if they brought Assange in for questioning in a juridical rape that did not take place in anyones bed but in the heads of radical female prosecutors. The fact that Assange will be exposed at a time when several organisations are wanting him dead, puts him at big risk, especially in a country where our prime minister was show to death in an open street walking home from the movies and our foreign minister was stabbed to death while shopping in a high end boutique in Stockholm. I do not think Assange is safe in the hands of the provincial and naive Swedish police.

Assange will be questioned by the police and prosecutor for some days before a court hearing where a judge will decide if he needs to remain in custody. Being that he is a foreigner and accused of having raped native Swedish women, he will probably be charged and sentenced. Statistically in Sweden foreign or men of foreign origin that are accused of rape by native Swedish women are sent to jail. Once in jail he will be at risk for being killed every day.
Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen will have to sit though the trial and every intimate detail in their dealings with Assange will be shared with the rest of the world. Few will have any sympathy with these revengeful groupies and they will be loathed by a lot of people. Their actions have already made it more difficult for the real victims of rape to come forward and get the help they need. I think it slowly dawns on these two women who outsmarted themselves that as soon as Assange is in Sweden for questioning more details about their promisquous behaviour will be published and they will have very little to be proud of.
And they fool no one by claiming the walked into the police station for advice being concerned about STDs, if you are concerned you contact the healthcare for testing and you avoid having sex until you have tested negative, the police cannot help you with those tests.
Eventhough they now try via trolls in various Swedish forums to make it look like there was violence involved in the rape case it is to late, they have already said themselves to media and to the police that they never felt threatened by Assange and that there was no violence involved. I am Swedish and I can read and I know exactly how to use and to abuse the Swedish system for my own purposes and so did Anna and Sofia, they went to the police for pure revenge and they made sure the tabloid Expressen found out about it. That was their plan, they executed it and now they will have to live with the consequences. They are the most hated women in Sweden right now.  For their sake, let us hope nothing bad happens to Assange due to their irresponsable behaviour.
Read more about their alleged actions in this excellent article

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