Who is afraid of Assange?

Everyone it seems, journalists, governments, authorities and corporations (including media corporations) alike. The actions of Assange and WikiLeaks is proof to the citizens that we need to understand that over the years we have all become victims of a well-oiled and superfunded propaganda machine that keeps more and more secrets to make sure the web of capital and power is not ripped. The lack of support from especially Swedish media to the outrageous and bizarre workings of Marianne Ny is a shame for Swedish investigative journalism, you are all a buch of fegisar (cowards).
While the Swedish legal experts and so called journalists are hiding their heads in the sand, others are at work:

"It is also disturbing that no Australian official has castigated Sweden for the shameful treatment Mr Assange has received ie his human rights abused, in that he has not been charged and served with papers in the English language regarding the evidence against him of alleged sexual offences. This is contrary to Article 6 of the European Covenant on Human Rights to which Sweden is a signatory nation.

Those offences remain unclear and the Swedish prosecutor Ms Ny appears to be making up the law as she wants. It appears now, by Ms Ny's interpretation that when consensual sex occurs but if a condom breaks, the male party is liable to 2 years imprisonment for sexual assault. All this information is publicly available.

An Australian citizen is apparently being singled out for "special treatment" Prime Minister. There are legitimate concerns among citizens here that his treatment by the Swedes is connected to US interests which are against the activities of Wikileaks, and you will note the strident, outrageous (and illegal) calls inciting violence against him in the US in demands for his assassination, by senior influential US politicians."

Read the full article by NSW (Australia) Supreme Court Solicitor Peter Kemp here  

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