Marianne Ny confirmed that Sweden might extradite Assange to the USA

Marianne Ny confirmed in a telephone interview with the Swedish Television news yesterday that Assange might be extradited to the US from Sweden. Marianne Ny also confirmed that she might not have a case against Assange and that a future trial might lead to Assange being cleared of all accusations. She further admits that she has not much to comment on the case as Assange's version of the alleged rape is not known as no one from the prosecutor's office has heard him in this case. She has no explanation on what she has been investigated in the case for the last four months and why Assange was not heard while he was still in Sweden or why she allowed him to leave the country.
It is obvious that Marianne Ny has a political agenda to follow and is a real danger to Assange. She will make sure to follow Sarah Palin's advice to hunt him down and once he is caught he will be express delivered to the USA.

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