Time for Marianne Ny to close the rape case - or admit she followed a political agenda

Why cannot Marianne Ny approve a video hearing of Assange? Telephone and video interviews are approved methods by Swedish courts.Is it not against the principle of proportionality to issue an international arrest order for a person that has offered several times, on site, as well as via approved channels, to answer the questions from the police and the prosecutor?  In August, Assanges then appointed defense lawyer, Leif Silbersky, told the media that is was against the law to arrest a person based on merely heresay from another person. It seems like no one followed up on this statement, where are the investigating journalists, where are the democratic control mechanisms and where is the protests from Swedish organisations against this state sponsored man hunt based on very, loose and shady grounds.
In my opinion, JO, should without delay, look into Marianne Ny's investigation of this case, I will say it again, this case takes maximum a week to solve and should have been closed and archived three months ago. Unless Marianne Ny can produce something of substance, and she should be made to do so, she should have to dismiss the accusations and  close the case.  Where are the whistlebowers at the Prosecutor's Office and within the police, they were there when Expressen called them to confirm that it was Assange that was wanted for rape. And obviously neither the police nor the Prosecutor's Office have been able to identify the source of the leak, so it cannot be that big of a risk to leak from the current investigation. Or is it so that certain information is approved to leak?

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