Assange accused of lying by Claes Borgstrom

Former Gender Equality Minister and current defense lawyer for Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen today accused Assange of lying. Claes Borgstrom told Swedish paper Svenska Dagbladet that Assange knows what the allegations are about and that Assange is lying when he sais that the rape allegations and arrest is connected to WikiLeaks, CIA and USA. At the same time Assange's British lawyers claim that in breach with European human rights laws, Assange has not yet seen the allegations in a language he can understand. Assange is now arrested in the UK and we can only hope that from now on the process will be more transparent than it has been in Sweden. Some interesting questions I have is exactly when and how did Anna Ardin and Sofia Wile find out that they had been sexually molested and raped? It has been said that in some cases only a prosecutor or lawyer can tell if a rape has taken place as the laws in this area are complicated. Another question I have is if Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen could have withdrawn their allegations at some point, if not who is in control of the process now? The case must depend on Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen cooperating with the prosecutor and police. It might take up to 90 days before Assange is extradited to Sweden if he decides to fight the rape allegation in the UK. It seems like his British lawyers are very competent and very forthcoming when it comes to this case and that Assange has a better chance with them by his side than Bjorn Hurtig who in my mind seems a little bit afraid and or incompetent to fully take his clients side in this matter. I am not surprised at all as Swedes always have been keen to be on good terms with the USA.    


1 - @Björn. I agree with you, the prosecutor must come up with more evidence than the story made up by these women. And also Assange has never been accused for any sex crimes before and no one has published any type of accusations that support these women, however, Anna Ardin has filed reports before on sexual molestations and we all know about her revenge manual. Obviously Assange was not aware of the personality of the women and the ding bats of prosecutors we have in Sweden!

2 - I believe that it would be hard to prove that the women had been sexually molested and raped.
I can not see why a man like him would dare to sleep in a flat with thoose girls, if he knew who they were.

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