What we know about the arrest of Assange

Eventhough Chief Prosecutor does what she can to not publish any facts in the case she now has investigated for four months we do know on what basis the original arrest was made. The police report was logged into the system
at 4.11 pm, August 20, the prosecutor, Maria Haljebo Kjellstrand (married to a legal advisor to Beatrice Ask current Minister of Justice) files the arrest order at 5pm. The hearing of the woman who claimed that she was assaulted by Assange commenced on 4.21 pm and ended 6.40 pm, in other words one hour and forty minutes after the arrest order was issued. The question is what information and facts the prosecutor based the arrest order on? Less than 24 hours later on
August 21 Chief Prosecutor Eva Finne decided that there was no grounds for suspecting Assange of rape, only sexual molestation, she said "I do not believe there is any reason to suspect him of rape ".
August 25 Eva Finne  stated that she would open an investigation into a possible molestation but that there are no suspicions about rape.
August 27, Claes Borgstrom the lawyer hired by Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen appeals Eva Finne's decision and requests that Assange is charged with two cases of rape one against Anna Ardin and one against Sofia Wilen.
September 1, Chief Prosecutor Marianne Ny decides to reopen the rape case against Sofia Wilen.  

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