Claes Borgstrom claims his clients are innocent victims

and no one believes him. Claes Borgstrom is given room in the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter to defend the tainted honor of his clients. No critical questions asked from the newspaper about the revenge agenda, the online bragging and other not so innocent behaviour of the "young women". Well, they acted as groupies and they are old enough to know what they are doing. I have translated the press release that Dagens Nyheter published here:

"Assange is lying when he sais that my clients are parts of a US-orchestrated conspiracy against him and WikiLeaks. He knows very well that they do not have any such connections". sais lawyer Claes Borgstrom that represents the two young women who Assange is suspected to have abused. He thinks that the WikiLeak founder yet again is abusing his clients by these assumptions.
"They are two normal Swedish girls, who used to admire Assange for his work". Now they are under enormous stress with media waiting in their hallways and non-stop phone calls",  sais Borgstrom
He explains that many think that rape is when someone jumps out of the bushes and attacs an unknown woman with severe violence. But there are other ways of making a person having sex against her own will, something that thousands of women have experienced.
"Now I want him to be prosecuted for what he has done and the court will decide which crimes he is guilty of".  

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