More crazyness from Swedish prosecutor

Marianne Ny announces a press conference on it is held in 45 minutes in Gothenburg so those of you that want to ask her questions better hurry to Gothenburg, but wait, there is more, the message states that eventhough she calls to a press conference there is no new information she can share, really... Here is the translation of the third masterpiece produced by Karin Rosenlund:

"Press conference with Chief Prosecutor Marianne Ny in Gothenburg
Chief Prosecutor Marianne Ny, responsable for the investigation of the Assange case is available for questions at a meeting with the press at the police station in Gothenburg today at 4.45pm.
This due to the fact that there have been many questions about the case. However, there is no real new information at this point.
Journalists that want to participate can gather in the entree of the police station in Gothenburg, Ernst Fontells plats 3. Bring your press card. Note that photographing is forbidden in the police station. However, photo and filming is allowed in the auditorium where the press meeting will take place."

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