No news from the prosecutor but the accusors are on public trial

No one is surprised to yet again find a message on where Marianne Ny does not want to tell anything about her case and now does not know when she can talk to Assange as the British authorities are now handeling the arrest order. Wow, this women sure does now how to get paid without lifting a finger. Well, people are tired of waiting for this Swedish clown of a prosecutor and the trial against Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen is already taking place on different discussion boards, these two groupies, especially Anna Ardin have left digital trails that they tried to erase, these trails and their behaviour after the alleged rapes and molestations make it difficult for many to understand how they can be victims of violent, sexual crimes that normally are traumatising and shocking to the real victims. The fact that the Swedish prosecutor has not been able to get the case in front of a court has led to the public opinion that Assange is the real victim and that the groupies are the criminals. The defense lawyer of the women, Claes Borgstrom is now defending his clients via press releases where he tries to defend their actions. I think it is to late though. Today he was again talking via the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet:

Claes Borgstrom replies to information about the groupies published by Reuters, translated from Aftonbladet:
They only wanted him to test himself for STDs.
The Swedes who accuse the WikiLeak founder Julian Assange 39, for rape, did not intend to file a complaint initially.
The two women only wanted to get hold of him to convince him to test himself for STDs.
Reports Reuters today.
Claes Borgstrom claims that this information is false.
"The women went to the police for advice, what are we supposed to do?" They told the police what happened and then it is the case that rape and sexual molestation are crimes. When the police woman that made the report realised what the case was about, she filed a complaint with the prosecutor. Then an investigation was initiated.".....It is not the case, that the women did not consider themselves having been molested, but they wanted to know what to do and also ask about a possible HIV-infection."

Ok, Claes Borgstrom, you can try to defend your clients with this strange construction but for the public it does not make any sense and for those of us who follow this case it is ridiculous to stick to this after construction.
It is a well known fact that Anna Ardin followed her own revenge manual that she had published on her blog earlier and she has also reported men for sexual harassment before. She knows the drill, she also knows that if she had walked into a police station and screamed rape, and it had later on been found that she was lying, she could be prosecuted for leaving false information to law enforcement. So in an attempt to hide her real agenda she figured out that it would be innocent enough to come up with the STD story to the police and once they were heard by the police she knew they would be able to innocently tell the whole story and that the police then would have to contact the prosecutor.

However, I do not buy this afterconstruction at all and I am surprised that Claes Borgstrom is trying this transparent attempt to hide the real reason for this case, which is pure revenge that has now turned into prestige for Marianne "I don't know nothing" Ny.
My questions to Claes Borgstrom are the following:
1.Is it typical for victims of rape and molestation to after the first occassion of molestation continue to have sex with the perpetrator?
2. Is typical for such vulnerable and traumatised victims to brag about their sexual relationship via twitter and to friends?
3. If the concern was that Assange might be HIV-infected, why did the groupies have sex with him in the first place?
4. If you are really concerned that you might have been infected, why don't you make sure to test yourself and make sure that you do not have sex until you know that you have been infected?
5. These women are old and educated enough to know that there is a risk to have sex with a stranger, if they had been molested and raped, why did they not seek medical help immediately? Why did they contact the police several days after the alleged rape and molestation.
6. Should the Swedish legal system be used for the purpose of an obvious personal revenge mission? Do you think this pseudo case will hurt the real victims of rape? Do you think that it is good that the investigation now has been ongoing for many months and that the alleged perpetrator has only been heard by Swedish police in the molestation case and that after he was heard the prosecutor changed the accusations to rape and after that refused to hear the perpetrator?
7. Do you think the prosecutor could have interviewed Assange over the phone in order to speed up the handling of such a case where your clients names are all over the internet. And at this point when Assange has become a very important person for many, your clients receive more and more threats and are being publicly harassed?
8. Isn't it so that it is the bad handling of this case that originated as a stupid revenge scheme, is causing your clients the real harm?



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