More from an increasingly confusing Borgstrom

Claes Borgstrom held a press conference in his office where he had police protection due to unspecified threats, his homepage has been down and now he talks about his clients and their relationship with Assange. He seems to be confused and obviously does not see the whole picture. Here is what he said, I have translated parts of it into English:

First he is accusing Assange;
"This is about two Swedish young women, average women, who were interested in listening to Assange as they find the WikiLeaks project exciting." ..Assange knows exactly what this is about, it has nothing to do with WikiLeaks." ....first he abuses these two women, then he sacrifices them as well, I have never seen anything like this before."
About international critisism on the Swedish legal system,
"I am surprised that it comes from people that know the law so to say, for ordinary people it might be difficult to follow all procedures, but that English lawyers who supposedly should have a basic lawyer-ethical standpoint to push a point of view for their clients, but when they get into describing the Swedish legal system then you must know what you are talking about, you have to know the system, and the English lawyers do not know it, obviously not."
He gives the following advice to his clients;
"Do not read the crap that is published on the Internet." ...and secondly, unfortunately you are going to have to wait quite a long time before this is over."

Well, I think Borgstrom must understand that number one, internet and WikiLeaks have everything to do with this and that Assange does not know what this is about and how can he? According to Bodstrom yesterday, his clients didn't even know that they were molestated and raped during having sex with Assange. What is Assange supposed to know? And about Assange abusing, Borgstrom might think so but this case has not been tested in court so as for now all parties agree oh naving had sex, nothing else. It is not Assange that sacrifices Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen, it is media and private people blogging and originally the Swedish police and prosecutor's office that leaked and confirmed information about the case to Expressen. I cannot recall that Assange has done anything but being discreet about this case.   Borgstrom even admits that his clients went to see Assange because of their supposed interest in WikiLeaks, how can he then say it has nothing to do with WikiLeaks, his clients would not have met or had sex with Assange if it was not for his involvement in WikiLeaks.
And the whole confused talk about who can and who cannot critize the Swedish legal system, well, we all can and we do.


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