Swedish big media - stupid or wimpy

I checked out the online versions of national newspapers Dagens Nyheter, DN and Svenska Dagbladet, SvD, as well as tabloids Expressen and Aftonbladet when I had my morning latte (homemade from Swedish coffee). DN and SvD focus on the procedures for a possible extradition of Assange from Sweden to the USA, while Aftonbladet and Expressen published chronicles about the Assange case that made it clear that these tabloids do not understand why people like me are upset about this case. I do not think that all four editors of the newspapers are equally stupid, I want to point out though that it was a big mistake by Aftonbladet to discontinue their agreement with Assange to write a bi-monthly column in their paper, Aftonbladet made a decision to not allow Assagne to write columns as long as he was suspected for a crime, well, I would have rather read a column written by a brilliant man, than the crap that was published today by columnist Oisin Cantwell.

Cantwell writes (translated to English) "Celebrities that demand Assanges' release from custody do not seem to be able to keep two thoughts in their head at the same time. The fact that someone achieved something significant doesn't mean that they are above the law." He goes on the mention the celebs in London that were prepared to pay bail for Assange, Ken Loach, Jemima Khan and John Pilger. These three people Cantwell claims "Eventhough these celebs show an impressive patos, they have not understood much." He goes on to question Pilger's critizm on the Swedish legal system and claims that Pilger should not talk about things that he does not understand and that there is nothing wrong with the legal procedure concerning the arrest warrant of Assange. He also mentions that many foreign journalists call him about this matter and that it is not always easy to explain the system and procedure to them. Well, duuuh, if you do not get it yourself, how can you explain?

Expressen pulls out another supporter of Swedish authorities and their abuse of power, oh, yes, Expressen like Aftonbladet think that their role is to protect Swedish authorities and their abuse of power against hostile foreign journalists. Britta Svensson claims "The hatred for women is scary" ...."Claes Borgstrom has no longer a working home page and is being protected by the police.... The only reason; he is the lawyer for two women who accuse a man for a sex crime." She goes on: "The woman is smeared and harassed with a hatred that surprises and scares. The man is protected. The crime is excused or diminished."  Note that Britta now has already had her trial and convicted Assange of a crime, that's pretty scary, considering the fact that she calls herself a journalist and she herself act the same way as the people she condemns. She seems to have inside information about who hacked Borgstrom's homepage, she writes: " Why do so many male internet terrorists care to destroy Claes Borgstrom's business?"  Wow, maybe Britta is a man hater??? What does she know about the reason to why Borgstrom's homepage went down? Then she blames Assange for his arrest in London: "Before the wanted Assange went to the police, he made sure that WikiLeaks released material that the whole world would see. The actual arrest was a part of his orchestrated drama. If he cannot walk free, at least he should become a marture."  So this confused woman thinks that Assange orchestrated all of this to get attention? Wow, as if the Embassy cable release didn't make him famous enough he figured he'd rape a few Swedish blondes to make sure he'd get some more attention! Expressen and Aftonbladet flex their muscles with the biggest journalist brains they have to protect the Swedish authorities abuse of power from the foreign journalists, lawyers and celeb that simply do not understand the Swedish way. I am sure they will be superimpressed and intimidated by these sharp minds at work.

The national newspapers DN and Svd behave more like the ostrich that puts his head in the sand, they pretend that nothing is going on and focus on explaining ad nauseum, the procedure for Assange's possible extradition to the USA. They also try to protect the Swedish authorities by making their abuse of power and incompetence a non-issue. Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy.

Eventhough big Swedish media is bitch slapped to silence by Marianne Ny and her network of social democrats, there are Swedish legal experst that dare to point out some interesting facts, here is one: "Sweden could have asked to hear Assange in England instead of an extradition. The prosecutor's office handbook: "International legal aid in criminal cases" points out that the law does not have any particular rules concerning interrogations abroad during the preliminary investigation. "
-Catrin Rudstrom, the International Prosecutor's Chamber

In other words, and it has been pointed out before by Swedish legal experts, within the frames of Swedish law, Marianne Ny could have interrogated Assange over the phone or videoconference and she could have gone to England herself to interrogate Assange. At all times, Assange offered to participate in such interrogations but instead Marianne Ny decided to issue a European Arrest Warrant and as I can see it, she did it only to cause damage to Assange.

Now, let Marianne Ny answer some tough questions and motivate why she took such a long time to investigate the case and why she refused to hear Assange over the phone. She is also responsable to Swedish tax payers who will have to foot the bill.

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