More crazyness from Claes Borgstrom - where is Bjorn Hurtig hiding?

The accusors lawyer Claes Borgstrom continues with his bizarre statements on the Assange case. I think it is time for Assanges' Swedish defense lawyer, Bjorn Hurtig,  to make a statement concerning the absurdity of what Borgstrom wants from Assange. Nota bene that it was Borgstrom together with his old friend Marianne Ny, that reopened the rape case, delayed the investigation, refused to hear Assange when he was in Sweden, and thereby is causing the problems for Borgstroms' clients. Today Expressen has published yet another interview with Borgstrom, who sounds more desperate today than he did yesterday:  

"The women that filed a complaint against Assange are being hunted by people from all over the world. They are being chased by WikiLeaks supporters from the whole world and are hiding. It would be appropriate for Assange to take on some responsability for what is going is a manhunt never seen before after these crime victims. Their names are published on the Internet and people claim that the accusations the women made are all made up." According to Expressen the women have left their homes and do not use their computers or cell phones. Expressen also asked Borgstrom about claims made by Australian media that one of the women no longer cooperates with the prosecutor or her lawyer. Borgstrom refers to this information as "rubbish". Borgstrom finish his tirade against Assange with: "Both women feel very bad at this point. They really have had to suffer because they met Julian Assange."

I think Borgstrom is full of rubbish. He should blame Swedish authorities for having leaked information to the press, he should blame himself for making a hen out of a feather of the sexual assault accusations, he should blame his friend Marianne Ny for mismanagement of the case. And by the way, his clients do not suffer because they met Assange, they suffer because they chose to involve Swedish law enforcement in something they could have sorted out privately with Assange and Swedish, free, healthcare. Spare me the wining!


1 - @Elizabeth. As far as I understand, Hurtig refers to classified documentation, eg documentation he cannot publish as long as the preliminary investigation is ongoing. I do not think he refers to the well-known revenge manual that Anna Ardin posted on her web site, nor twitter or sms-messages. There must be something else. I do hope the English will focus on the legal process, it is a fact that Marianne Ny was not hindered by any Swedish law, to hear Assange over the phone or video conference, She also by far violated the principle of proportion by issuing an EAW for someone who is not charged for a crime.

2 - I see. Thank you.

I wonder if he will come to the UK today? Even if he comes and tells the judge he is forbidden from saying what he knows - it would be helpful.

If he wanted to be a hero, he could tell all no matterr what. I would.

Judge Riddle is a strange man too. Authoritarian in his thinking. Very traditional. If he thought a lady prosecutor was playing games with him he would be very angry. I think the side will win which has the fewest females on it.

I can't help but think Judge Howard Riddle looks down on Mr Assange for being the product of an unconventional lifestyle. Judge Riddle probably thinks he is doing his masters' bidding by locking up Assange, but he will bring down a shitstorm on his head. There is some disquiet in the judiciary about how he has handled this.

He has emotional difficulty letting anyone go free. He did, however, bail a rich man suspected of murdering his new wife the day after locking up Julian.

He plainly has emotional problems.

If Assange is not released today I shall raise a shitstorm of my own among a few judges.

By the way, Ardin's blog was relatively unknown until a week ago in mainstream offline media. I got some journalistic help on how to approach editors and outside the US the tone has changed from 'hang the b******', to skepticism about the allegations, or complete silence.

I doubt I was the only one doing this, but that blog is powerful stuff. So, I feel is Hurtig's letter. I might put that out a bit more. I know some judges who would love it.

3 - As Australians, we hear little of a sensible, non-hysterical Scandinavian approach to the ridiculous Assange arrest. Please accept our congratulations on this correct and informative editorial.

4 - We finally found something from Hurtig: { Link }
What do you make of this new interview? It appears that the purpose is to allow
Hurtig to defend Assange in Sweden on the basis that there is no political conspiracy and that only then can the piece of secret information be revealed? What on earth if anything could the 'secret' be? And if Borgstrom already knows this secret, why is he persisting? Also, why is Hurtig's desciption of Assange so negative? We'd like to know what you think.

5 - It is possible that all he has is information showing the Swedish police knew about Ardin's blog post where she says you should tell more than one lie to convincingly hound a man who has been unfaithful.

I happen to know the UK Judge Howard Riddle has that information because I gave it to him. It was with him before the first hearing a week ago. I also gave it to every news outlet I could find, several members of the House of Lords, and every member of the ruling Conservative party. *Everyone* knows.

No-one has an excuse for not knowing. If the case continues much longer everyone will see it is a holding action for a US show trial.

If Hurtig has any other smoking guns, maybe it is something like the prosecutors asking Ardin to delete the blog? Or he has the contents of certain text messages and they are proof of a conspiracy between the two women?

6 - We were pleased to find such good sense and information. Borgstom is featured on Australian media, but not Hurtig. Why do you think Hurtig is so silent?

7 - @nandj. I do not think Hurtig said anything negative about Assange, he is just very careful communicating with the media I guess. It seems like there is documentation that support the general opinion that Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen made their charges to revenge Assange. Hurtig is bound by secrecy and cannot share any of the information he has. I think he leaked the info that he might have documentation that will make life even more difficult for Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen in order to make them withdraw from the case and make it obvious that this case is not about Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen, it is about Marianne Ny and Claes Borgstrom gone wild!

8 - @nandJ. Thank you. I would also like to point out that in his statement in Expressen Claes Borgstrom calls his clients crime victims and that is wrong, so far, according to Swedish law, no crime has been committed, at this point the prosecutor must hear the accused party, that would be Assange, on the statements made by Anna Ardin and Sofia Wilen. I think Borgstrom is foregoing the legal procedure by calling his clients crime victims. In the end it might turn out that the only victim of a crime is Assange.

9 - @nandj. Hurtig is silent either because he is being pressured into silence by his counterparts or because he does not understand that he must protect his client not just for the accusations but also the smear and libel campaign he is a victim of. In any case it is troublesome that Hurtig is so quiet. As a Swedish representant of Assange he should; 1.monitor and publish facts about the investigation into the leak from the Swedish police and the prosectutor's office that made Assange's name public in the first time. Where is the investigation now, who leaked the info, it is very interesting to find out such facts at they might affect the case as it might support suspicions about a political agenda in this. 2. Publish, publish and publish statements made by his legal colleagues in Sweden that Marianne Ny was not hindered by Swedish law to hear Assange on the phone or via videoconference. 3. Publish the dates and what was said in the phone contacts Hurtig has with Ny about hearing Assange and about the fact that she said it was ok for Assange to leave Sweden. 4. He must also explain the principle of proportion and the Swedish and European law stating that you should avoid to cause harm and damage to an individual during the primary investigation. 5. He must push the fact that Assange himself has been very careful not to make any statements about the accusations to, as he said himself to Swedish media early in the case, not to cause harm or damage to the parties involved. People need to be reminded about this. That Assange has tried to be the perfect gentleman all the time about this case.

10 - You write "Borgstrom together with his old friend Marianne Ny".

Do you have any source to this fact? It would be interesting to know how close friends they are.

11 - @Skalman. I wish I had more time to dig into their ties, I base my statement on an article written by former Aktuellt and Rapport journalist, Olle Anderson's excellent article published on he writes the follwing In an interesting article on, Olle Andersson, former journalist with Swedish Televisions news programs Aktuellt and Rapport, writes ".......after some bizarre events in the case the Social Democratic politruk and lawyer Claes Borgstrom enters the scene together with his former colleague, chief prosecutor Marianne Ny in Gothenburg. Suddenly it is considered a rape again. Or as Borgstrom cryptically calls it on Swedish Radio news channel "Ekot": A rape like act that had been punishable some years ago."

12 - Well written!

I think all this would have been forgotten soon after the initial accusations were dropped, if it hadn't been for Borgström's own political agenda and burning desire to change the Swedish sexual law, making it even stricter. As a former Equal Opportunities Ombudsman (Jämställdshets-ombudsman) and now owner of a law firm toghether with ex minister of justice Thomas Bodström (who recently moved to the US), Borgström probably sees his chance to take the existing laws (regarding 'unlawful coercion') to new levels by innovative interpretations. At the same time, he sees the chance of becoming a world celebrity - the lawyer who fought against all odds to defend justice.

The two women probably want it all to be over and forgotten. Ardin's last Twitter reads (translated) "I'm so sick and tired of everything that happens; does it never end?..." (Är så less på allt som händer, tar det aldrig slut? Vill iaf meddela teoretikerna att "den andra" var lika mycket drivande). But even if both women begged on their knees to drop the case, it won't happen. At this stage, there is far too much pride and prestige involved for Swedish authorities and for Borgström to stop all this.

13 - No doubt in my mind whatsoever that this is a Yankee setup similar to the case last year when a leading film producer was arrested in Switzerland at the request of the Yanks who then didn't follow thru with the documentation so the alleged 'villain' quite rightly had to be set free.
The Swiss looked very red faced about this case & now the Swedes are foolishly going down the same path.
May they, also end up with egg on their faces !!!

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