NPR got it wrong about the Swedes

While having a hot and big latte this cold, cold morning I listened to NPR Morning Edition and must say that I found they did not really reflect what the Swedes think about the Assange case. They had interviewed some Swedes as Assange today is going back to court in England to fight his extradition to Sweden for questioning regarding a sexual assault accusations. NPR referred to Assange's English lawyer, Mark Stephens who pointed out that Assange is not charged with any crime he is only wanted for questioning. Stephens also pointed out that "Every prosecutor around the world will tell you that is is an obligation and particularely in Sweden, that you tell a person who is going to be questioned what the nature of the allegations are and what the evidence is against them. But until now they haven't told us." NPR goes on to ask some Swedes about the case.

The general idea of NPR seems to be that "Swedes balk at the theories that the Swedish government is behind any political agenda against Assange. They are told by a representant of the Swedish Council of Crime Prevention that Swedes generally have a higher trust than other countries in their juridical system. They also talk to a random women in the streets of Stockholm who claims that "why can't he be guilty because he is famous, bigger men than he has been using women" I do not think this women gets it at all, it is not illegal to use a woman, to abuse yes but not to use, maybe a language thing but anyways. NPR also talks to a female representant of the Swedish Parliament who claims that she find it "rather depressing that iconic left persons claim that they know Assange is the victim of a honey trap and that he is not guilty. James Savage of the Local is also interviewed and he reflect the political correct view that Swedes trust the juridical system and do not belive in any conspiratory theories.
Well, this is yet another symptom of media and authorities working together to promote a certain viewpoint or "reality" about Sweden that the authorities want to see. If you bother to scratch the surface a little bit a dare to look at the not so nice opinions of many Swedes, you will see that many, many Swedes are very upset over the way the Swedish juridical system is treating men that are accused of sex crimes, that many Swedes are deeply ashamed and embarrassed over the way Mariannne Ny is managing the Assange case, and that there might be hidden agendas behind her and Claes Borgstroms reopening of the Assange case, especially as Borgstrom's business partner and former Justice Minister Bodstrom is currently in the USA to set up offices their for their lawfirm. Many Swedes also know that Sweden has very strong bonds with the USA and that Sweden has really never been neutral and alliance free.


1 - We really have to thank you again for more important information - not available easily elsewhere in English - on the Swedish aspects of the Assange case, particularly about Ny and Borgstrom. This is written quickly before we know whether The Swedish Prosecution is going to appeal against his bail (which would apparently result in being returned to Solitary Confinement for weeks longer), but it seems as if they will appeal. Again, looking forward to your comments on that, too.

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