More stupidities from the Swedish prosecutor

The Swedish prosecutor refuses to tell the court which evidence she has against Assange. She claims that he then would get access to details of the investigation that he should not know until he is charged.
"The court shall consider that the women that made the accusations and describe two identical incidents very close in time. This is what the court should look at," sais the prosecutor.
An extradition is about trust between different countries authorities. Therefore we shall not have to show the Swedish prosecutor's evidence. It is not up to this court to validate the evidende. Therefore the court should also not consider Hurtig's opinions about the Swedish evidence", the prosecutor continued.

Well, we all know that the two accusors walked into the police station together after having had several phone contacts and no one knows how many meetings about their experiences with Assange, so why would their stories not support each other?
Very weak case and stupid arguments, this in view of the latest freedom, open society, democracy speech made by the Swedish Prime Minister on the latest terrorist attack in Sweden.


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