Clarification on the statement from the Swedish prosecutor

Obviously the Swedish prosecutor had two hours to appeal the court decision to let Assange free on bail. She did not appeal, at this point I do not know why. The following somewhat confusing message was published some minutes ago on

"Short comment from chief prosecutor Marianne Ny. The Westminster Magistrate Court in London decided today that Assange will be released on bail. - As I have said earlier, I cannot at this point give any information about the investigation. The case is handled by the British authoritties, sais Marianne Ny. Marianne Ny has no more comment in this matter."
 I think she did not have time to get her appeal translated into English.
Now, considering that the Swedish prosecutor does have problems expressing herself in the English language, it appears that the statement made at the court hearings today "She claims that he then would get access to details of the investigation that he should not know until he is charged." This statement reveals that Marianne Ny, already before she has heard Assange, is intending to charge Assange for rape, however she has not yet charged him. Once he is charged parts of the investigation will become public. The extradition is still about Assange being interrogated about the accusations.

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