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I was reading the cover of todays' court hearing in Aftonbladet. There the following statement by the representative of the chief prosecutor is made, in Swedish "Det har fattats ett beslut i Sverige att åtala den tilltalade, det beslutet fattades efter det datum Assange förhördes." Now this is the way it was published in Aftonbladet and they might have made mistakes in the translation, in English it is "A decision has been made in Sweden to charge the accused, the decision was made after the date Assange was interrogated." It would be interesting to find out what was said in court. as there is a difference between being heard on accusations of rape and being charged with rape. The Swedish news agency TT, claims in this short news update that "Sverige vill ha honom utlämnad for rättegang har."  in English "Sweden wants him extradited for a trial here." which would indicate that Assange has been charged for rape. Confusing indeed and Marianne Ny does nothing to clarify the mess.  


1 - I think I got to the bottom of it. Can you email me?

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