Shame on Dagens Nyheter!

I was relaxing with a small but hot and spicy glass of glogg after having been out taking care of the animals in the freezing cold. I checked out Dagens Nyheter's homepage and was happy to see that they seemed to have made an effort to write a little bit about the Assange case, something the Swedish national newspapers as well as the state television does avoid, they are very loyal to the authorities in this case. I was gobsmacked when I read the following ingress to the article, translated into English:

"Julian Assange is the man with a bag on his back and a laptop in his hands, who travels around the world and opened secrets in the name of free speech. Julian Assange is also the man who let a good cause  being overshadowed by his persona and protected himself from rape allegations with the name of WikiLeaks." futher along in the article: "-Julian Assange seems to have a big need to be seen and a huge ego. He has remained as spokesperson for the site and almost been the only one who has made statements about WikiLeaks efter the crime allegations against him were made. Many within WikiLeaks has thought it has been a bad idea to mix his personal problems with the organisation. And as the fight over WikiLeaks goes on it just gets more and more Julian, sais Expressen's  op ed Johannes Forsberg who wrote the chronicle "Scary worship of Jesus-Julian." The author goes on with a short bio of Assanges' life and comes back to slam Assange's role within WikiLeaks: "It is difficult to say how WikiLeaks is affected by his wish to be in the limelight. One example is though, that a number of important coworkers have disappeared from the organisation. From these people we know that Julian Assange seems to make decisions haphazardly. He thinks in other cases that organisations should be operated openly and democraticly, which I agree with, but he does not seem to think that WikiLeaks should work according to those principles, sais Johannes Forssberg." Johannes Forssberg who appears to be considered and expert on WikiLeaks by Dagens Nyheter gets the next question: "Doesn't media play a part in this personal cult? -Sure. It is obvious that one can get a bigger impact for something when you have a face that can goes with it. It is also extra fun when you have someone who lives in shoe boxes and has a mysterious background. I think it is a symbiosis between Julian Assange's ego and common media logics in one way. I am certain though, that WikiLeaks would have made a break through without a chief prophet. I think that one could have had several spokespersons, or different people for different occassions, and stilll make the big splash. Within the field of political science it is said that a personal cult is thriving in dictatorships amongst people who feel betrayed in different ways. I think we can see the same dynamics here. Many feel desillusioned regarding the global powers and particularely concerning freedom of speech and who owns information. The feeling of betrayal in this context I can imagine is on such a primitive level that one hopes for some kind of a saviour, sais Johannes Forssberg."  

I will continue translating tomorrow from this article.  

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